SPORTreportage: You’ll never walk alone


In 2020, FC Liverpool will be the champion of the English Premiere League. That’s what everyone thought just a few weeks ago. Now the Corona virus is keeping the world on tenterhooks, football has been largely suspended. In England, too, the season was interrupted – for how long, with what consequences? Has the LFC’s supposedly safe championship been lost? What a tragedy that would be after 30 years of waiting, 30 years of hoping. And yet the heart of football continues to beat in Liverpool – albeit weakly. In the Corona state of emergency we meet fans of the LFC such as stadium commentator Sir George. Or Charlie, with 98 years the oldest season ticket holder of the stadium. Through them we get closer to a special city, a special club, a special coach, in special times. The film shows the deep bond in the crisis – the heart of football will never stop beating.

Klaus Fiedler Frank Bochtler, Jan Block Max Neidlinger t.b.c. Ron P. Glavas Stefan Bomhof Dr. Yorck Polus 05.04.2020, 5:10 p.m., ZDF
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