plan b/ARTE Re: Less noise (WT)

in Production ZDF/ARTE

Noise surrounds us all. And it makes us sick! Millions of people are defencelessly exposed to road, rail and aircraft noise. Thousands of deaths from heart attacks each year can be traced back to noise, according to experts. Noise not only damages our hearing, it also affects our hormone balance, causes stress, concentration and sleep disorders, and promotes high blood pressure and circulatory diseases. What can we do about it? The film accompanies researchers, entrepreneurs and young tinkerers in their search for solutions to minimize the noise around us.

Veit Bentlage Martin Kaeswurm Sven Voß Valentin van Riswyck Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof Steffen Bayer, Christian Dezer ZDF/ARTE u.a. Hamburg, Braunschweig, Zürich 1 x 30 Min. n.n.b.
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