plan b: No fear – How we are less afraid


Fear is rampant in Germany, in Europe, in the world. The fear of the corona virus. Many people react with panic buying, fear of existence and concern for their own health, others remain calm. How do we differentiate between irrational fear and legitimate concern? When does fear become pathological?

Fear actually guides us safely through life, even through crises. But 15 percent of the population in Germany alone are affected by an anxiety disorder each year, so they suffer from exaggerated fear. In the film, those affected describe their suffering and leading scientists present their latest strategies for combating fear: They develop new therapeutic approaches, locate fear in our genes or fight phobias with virtual reality.

Karlo Malmedie Frank Bergfeld, Sven Voß Detlev Meyer, Stefan Tuchel Sven Voß Martin Glos, Christian Ziegler Julia Goschke Ron P. Glavas Stefan Bomhof Sebastian Nuß, Christian Dezer, ZDF März 2020 30 Min. 04.04.2020, 5:35 p.m., ZDF
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