Woche für Woche


Felix Weingarten’s parents split up. Amicably, as they keep emphasizing, and out of fairness they decide to share their only son as well: one week with his mother, one week with his father. While this may be a truly salomonic solution for the parents, it means total loss of orientation for Felix. While his family is being cut in half, his existence in the material world doubles. He lives a life which is highly complicated, organisationally, with two playrooms, two beds, two toothbrushes – but Felix is sustained by the hope that it might be exactly these quarrels arising between his parents from everyday life “week by week”, that could one day reunite his family.

Silke Zertz Martin Gies Thomas Etzold Dagmar Lichius Bertram Strauss Katja Pothmann Ed Cantu Andrea Allroggen, Barbara Schlensag Bo Rosenmüller Tanja Wedhorn, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Jannis Michel, Ulrich Gebauer, Dominic Boeer u.a. Katja de Bock, WDR Thomas Schwetje Dagmar Rosenbauer Wuppertal und Umgebung 03.06. – 04.07.2008 Sonja Zimmerschitt 03/11/2009, ARD
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