planet e: Fledermaus oder Autobahn – Wie viel Naturschutz verträgt Deutschland?


Germany is densely populated and space is used intensively. It’s needed for many things: for urban and commercial areas, for the development of infrastructure – and for nature and animal protection.
But as mankind and nature get closer, conflicts arise: bats prevent highways being built, lizards block train projects and planned sanctuaries threaten the forestry industry. The film asks: are the demands of nature protection perhaps a little excessive?
Or is there enough space for both wild animals and transport infrastructure? Our research takes us across the country to places where nature and humans collide – from Hamburg via Lower Saxony to Baden-Württemberg and Franconia.

Karlo Malmedie, Stefan Bomhof Frank Bergfeld, René Schröter Matthias Fey Sven Heiligenstein Jana Gebhard Dagmar Rosenbauer Steffen Bayer (ZDF) Documentary / 1 x 30 minutes ZDF February 2015 – May 2015 Germany
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