Wie geht das? Sturmflut an der Elbe – Hochwasserschutz


When the wind comes from northwest and if normal tidal range is joined by external surges from the Atlantic, Hamburg, the city of millions, is endangered by a storm surge. The flood protection installations can deal with 7,30 metres water above sea level. But that’s not enough: Because of climate change the storm surges can be even higher in the future. Therefore the dikes and flood protection walls need to be heightened. “Wie geht das?” (engl: “How does it work?”) shows how storm surges can be calculated and follows disaster control trainings and recent construction measures. It also examines the causes of the increasing numbers of higher storm surges.

Christina Krätzig Boris Mahlau Ron Glavas Andrea Mokosch Dagmar Rosenbauer Birgit Schanzen, NDR November /December 2016 Hamburg 01/18/2017
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