Wie geht das? Life-savers on call – The Hamburg fire brigade


It just takes one call and the fire department will come to your rescue: Within minutes and everywhere in the city. People in Hamburg can rely on that claim and that makes the about 5000 fire fighters in Hamburg very proud. To keep that promise at all times, everybody’s perfect cooperation is absolutely necessary. That includes taking the emergency call, the fire truck moving out and to master huge damages. How can a fire truck or an ambulance be at the site within a few minutes? How is it possible to deal with the many challenges like the harbor, the “Elbtunnel” and the industry in Hamburg? The men and women of the professional and the voluntary fire brigade are prepared for everything: conflagration, birth in an ambulance or a chemical accident at the harbor. The Fire Academy Hamburg-Billstedt offers comprehensive training and there even are special forces for height rescue or shipboard fires, divers and the fire brigade for the “Elbtunnel”.

For 24 hours “Wie geht das?” accompanies one of the biggest and most modern fire departments of Germany. Motivation, talent and team spirit is what the professionals and the volunteers all have in common, although they have very different operations. This way they master every challenge and guarantee the safety of every citizen in Hamburg.

Peter Kleffmann Boris Mahlau Jochen-Carl Müller Lydia Mutschmann Ron Glavas Nina Steinert Birgit Schanzen, NDR 10/25/2017 6:15 pm NDR
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