Wie geht das? Hier geht die Post ab


XXL is the official category for the post office of the Deutsche Post in Hamburg-Altona. With 6 million mailings it’s the biggest one in Germany. Intense activity is between 5pm and 6 am. That’s when tons of letters arrive – letters which will be send from Hamburg to all over the world and letters which are send from all over the world to Hamburg. They need to be sorted, distributed and send on the right way over night. 95% reach their destination on the next day already – how does that work? The report follows one letter from the mailbox to the recipient.

Vivien Pieper André Krüger Sven Heiligenstein Andrea Mokosch Dagmar Rosenbauer Birgit Schanzen October / November 2016 Hamburg and surroundings 12/07/2016
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