Wie geht das? Fresh Fish from Hamburg


The Hamburg Fish Market is on the biggest emporiums in Northern Germany. 36.000 tons of fresh fish and an additionally 16.000 tons of frozen goods are processed here each year. Every seventh fish, eaten by the Germans, was bought here or in other words: 17% of fresh fish in Germany comes from here. The fish market also has the widest variety of Fish in the whole country: 60 to 80 different types of fresh fish – every day! The products are coming from Norway, Iceland and the Faroese and get transported via ferry to Denmark. Via truck they get transported from Denmark to Hamburg.
The trucks arrive at the Fish Market in the middle of the night. They deliver their products, which often got caught just one day earlier, 5-6 times per week. Freshness and quality are the significant factors.
Especially exotic types of fish from Asia are transported via plane to Frankfurt airport and arrive in Hamburg via truck. The question is: How does the Fish Market work and how does the fish stay fresh on its’ long way from the sea to the tables?

“Wie geht das?” shows their way – from the arrival at the Fish Market to the plates of the consumers.

Veit Bentlage Ralf Heinze Jochen C. Müller Ron P. Glavas Nina Steinert Birgit Schanzen, NDR 27/06/2018, 6.15p.m., NDR
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