Wie geht das? Spring cure for the white fleet


The Hamburg Alster steamers are an inseparable part of the Hanseatic city’s appearance. For more than 100 years, the white fleet has crossed over inland and Alster canals into the city park. For many decades, the Alster ships operated in regular service until this was finally discontinued in 1983. But until today there is the Alster cruise, which still starts at the stops around the Außenalster. In 2018, 400,000 passengers travelled through the city on the Alster steamers.
The ships are on the move every day, lie in the water all year round and offer a lot of potential for rust and body damage. No wonder that they urgently need to be serviced and repaired at the end of October.
This is done at the Alsterwerft shipyard on Jarre Street. There, the ships are brought to the dry on the small slipway, repaired and finally freshly painted. Washing, laying, blow-drying – that’s the name in shipyard jargon. There are larger shipbuilding works at the “Seebek”. The ship gets new tanks. The underbody has to be cut open in order to remove the old tanks and install the new ones. A lot of work for the Alster-Touristik – even in winter!

“How does that work? accompanies the Alster steamers through their spring cure.

Veit Bentlage Reiner Bauer, Ralf Heinze, Martin Kaeswurm, Jonny Müller-Goldenstedt Jochen-C. Müller Stefanie Gimpel Ron P. Glavas Nina Steinert, Stefan Bomhof Birgit Schanzen, NDR NDR 10.04.2019, 18:15 Uhr, NDR 30 Min.
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