Vertraute Angst


Finally, Anja is ready to begin a new life with a new man and to leave her old life and past with her husband Thomas behind. Her husband had burnt down their house years ago, threatened the family, and was therefore institutionalised. Now Anja gets the news that Thomas has recovered and needs her support to get back into normal life. After winning back the hearts of his family, his behaviour becomes stranger and stranger. Is he really better, or are Anja and the children in danger?

Wolf Jakoby Christiane Balthasar Michael Bertl Jörg Baumgarten Jürgen Knoll Ed Cantu Jens Bartram, Nica Faas Bo Casting Boriana Rosenmüller Johanna Gastdorf, Matthias Brandt, Andreas Schlager, Michael Hanemann u.a. Doris J. Heinze, NDR Thomas Schwetje Dagmar Rosenbauer Osnabrück und Umgebung 10.10.-12.11.2006 07.05.2008, 20.15 Uhr, ARD NDR
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