Vater aus heiterem Himmel


Dr. Martin Rogalla (Fritz Wepper), prosecuting attorney in Potsdam is “the smiling guillotine”. Whenever he walks through the hallways of the district court, doors are slammed shut. Self-righteous, cunning and obtrusive, implacable and competent. Rogalla is a bachelor by conviction, with an abhorrence for children. Sexual intercourse may only occur during pre-determined appointments. His girlfriend Dorothea (Katharina Schubert) has come to terms with it – until now…

All of a sudden, Miriam (Olga von Luckwald) crashes into this life of Prussian order: 16 years old, pretty, perky, yet still vulnerable. A girl on the threshold to becoming a woman… She recognizes her father in Martin Rogalla. As proof, she confronts him with a photograph taken 16 years ago together with Miriam’s mother. Miriam, whose mother recently passed away is a child of love who Martin Rogalla had no idea about for 16 years.

Grudgingly and with gritted teeth, Rogalla admits his responsibility. During the summer break, Miriam moves in with him – an unmitigated disaster for Rogalla …

Rolf-René Schneider Ulli Baumann Fritz Seemann Andreas Pitann Markus Ernst Erik Rüffler Lena Reuter Katinka Seidt Moritz Hansen Jakob Krebs Dagmar Rosenbauer Rita Nasser Fritz Wepper, Olga von Luckwald, Gudrun Landgrebe, Peter Sattmann, Tim Oliver Schultz, Katharina Schubert u.a. Potsdam and surroundings 13 July - 11 August 2010 ZDF 24.10.2010, ZDF
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