Der Bootsbauer von Lütjenburg


Andreas Gronau is 30 years old and already a master boatbuilder although he doesn’t look like the typical manager with his dreadlocks. His wooden dinghies are designed according to plans from the 1920s and 1930s. The young boatbuilder sells them to the whole of Germany. Everything is handmade and the things went well until a tragic stroke of fate: Suddenly it’s not about beautiful wooden boats anymore but about the very survival of the small shipyard.

Björn Platz Boris Mahlau, André Wawro Torsten Reimers, Gerd Hogenfeld, Carsten Windt Andrea Detmer Moritz Widmann Stefan Bomhof Jörg Kunkel Christian Pipke (NDR) Ulrich Lenze NDR 01/23/2014
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