Ann, die Werftchefin


Rusty anchors and heavy ropes, wontons, cranes and ships are part of Ann-Kristin Gätcke’s world. Three years ago the young woman became the manager of the Heidtmann shipyard in the port of Hamburg. She took over the company after the unexpected death of her fiancé. They were a couple for eight years and she watched his work at the shipyard and started to appreciate his enthusiasm for work. “I did it for him. I want his dream to live on.” the 29-year old says today.

Nowadays she knows the workflow at the 125-year old shipyard by heart and is used to wear white overalls while at her main job. Originally Ann-Kristin is an alternative practitioner for cats, dogs and horses. “That’s what I always wanted to do and want to keep on doing in the future.”

She combines the two very different jobs now: she works with the animals three to four days a week and spends the remaining days at the shipyard. That means she works seven days a week. But she says proudly: “That’s my life now and I can’t imagine it in a different way anymore”

Veit Bentlage Boris Mahlau Torsten Reimers Jochen-Carl Müller Moritz Widmann Nicole Deblaere (NDR) Dr. Sunna Altnöder Jörg Kunkel Birgit Schanzen (NDR) Ulrich Lenze NDR 08/01/2013
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