Einsame Spitze. Top-Manager am Limit


They have reached the pinnacle of success in the world of business and have come to epitomise power: top managers. They also don’t miss a challenge in their private lives to prove to themselves that they are the toughest, bravest and most energetic. Masters of winning, always developing, never just being. For the first time, Germany’s top managers speak in public about what drives them and what makes them feel harried. They confess that it can be very lonely at the head of a company and that flexibility decreases as expectations rise. In this documentary, the normally distanced management elite carefully emerges from the bubble in which they normally communicate with their peers.

The ARD documentary shows a profile of an important social group through a number of selected cases: the female manager who needs to prove herself in a male-dominated corporate structure and ultimately fails; the entrepreneur (and his daughter) and the executive board who suddenly finds himself in a psychiatric clinic because he failed to see his own needs when the burden of responsibility became too great.


Tina Soliman Torsten Lapp Chris Warkentin Sven Heiligenstein Sunna Altnöder Dagmar Rosenbauer Barbara Biemann (NDR) Dokumentary / 45 minutes NDR not yet known several August - October 2015
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