Terra X – Expeditions


Terra X – Expeditions

Great explorers like Alfred Wegener, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, and Georg Forster profoundly changed our outlook on the known world. Meteorologist and polar explorer Alfred Wegener is seen as the founder of modern climatology. Johann Ludwig Burckhardt traveled the Middle East in the guise of an Arabic merchant, discovering the legendary city of Petra. Georg Forster was among the first German explorers who went on a voyage around the globe, winning world-wide fame with his documentation of the South Seas.
In this three-part documentary, actor Robert Atzorn takes the audience back to the time and world of these great explorers. Tracing back the routes of their daring expeditions, he hopes to find clues of their exploits that can still be found today.

Expedition to the North Pole – Alfred Wegener

In the spring of 1930, Alfred Wegener sets out on his third Greenland expedition, which is supposed to mark the peak of his career. Over the course of one year, he and his staff plan on gathering data from high up in the atmosphere and from deep within the mainland ice – the beginning of modern climatology. But extreme weather conditions, lacking provisions, and faulty equipment turn the expedition into a race against death itself.

Expedition to the desert – Johann Ludwig Burckhardt

In the spring of 1809, a young merchant named Sheikh Ibrahim reaches the Syrian city of Aleppo. It is in fact Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, who is traveling as a british secret agent. Disguised as a Muslim, he intends to explore the river Niger in central Africa – a dangerous undertaking. On his journey, he discovers the long-lost desert city of Petra and the temples of Abu Simbel. Starting out as an agent be becomes a friend and expert of the Islamic-Arabic world.

Expedition in die Südsee – Georg Forster

In 1772, 17 year-old Georg Forster is given the opportunity to accompany James Cook on a great sailing trip around the world. While Cook explores islands and peoples, Forster discovers approximately 400 previously unknown species of animals and plants. He is to become one of the very first ethnologists. Returning home, Forster supports the French Revolution after having strengthened his belief that no-one can be allowed to exploit any people. He is therefore branded as a traitor in Germany and has to go to exile in Paris.

Matthias Unterburg, Gabriele Wengler, Friedrich Klütsch, Tom Ockers, Frank Vorpahl Gabriele Wengler, Sandra Papadopoulos, Friedrich Klütsch, Tom Ockers Hans Jacobi Jörg Kunkel Susanne Stenner Ulrich Lenze Heike Schmidt, Jens Monath Germany, England, South Seas, Jordan, Egypt, Marocco 05.2., 12.02. and 19.02.2012, ZDF ZDF
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