Terra X: Die Spur
des Geldes – Teil I und II


Money and prosperity have always been a mainspring of mankind. But is the monetary system the only way to progress or could it be the trigger for fatal crises which we regularly suffer? We will follow the trail of money and focus on several topics: the origin and spread of coinage, the development of the banking system, financial bubbles and last but not least the rise of the modern financial world. Clever strategists and ambitious players have often left their marks on developments. “Die Spur des Geldes” (WT) gives a fascinating insight to the world of finance and tells the story of how money made history on the basis of famous personalities.

Judith Voelker, Nina Koshofer Michael Kern, Martin Christ Ralf Weber Britta Lehnert, Moritz Widmann, Ron Glavas, Sven Heiligenstein Jana Gebhard, Jana Kischkat Jörg Kunkel Dr. Sunna Altnöder, Stefan Bomhof Ulrich Lenze Heike Schmidt (ZDF) Documentary / 2 x 45 minutes ZDF TerraX June 2014 Germany, Turkey, Italy, Greece, England, France a.o. 05/02/2015 3:50 pm ZDFneo Part 1+2
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