Tatort – Tyrannicide


Falke and Grosz are entrusted with a delicate task under the strictest discretion: 17-year-old Juan has disappeared from a fine boarding school where celebrities and elites from business and politics have their children educated. His father is the ambassador of an authoritarian country whose president is about to come to Germany for a state visit; a questionable despot who rose to prominence with arrests and torture of opposition figures and journalists. While Juan’s girlfriend Hanna has the worst fears, Juan’s best friend August suspects that Juan merely wanted to avoid the official festivities at the upcoming state visit. Whatever is behind it, Juan’s disappearance puts the teaching couple who run the school in great distress, as the school’s good reputation is their most important asset. The missing boy’s bodyguard also comes under massive pressure, especially when a blackmail letter turns up: Juan’s kidnappers are trying to free imprisoned opponents of the regime and journalists. Falke and Grosz realize that they have only been told half the truth so far: Juan is not the ambassador’s son at all; he is the son of the autocrat himself. He goes to school here in Germany under a false name. The case thus takes on a highly explosive political significance at a stroke.

Jochen Bitzer Christoph Stark Eeva Fleig Sabine Dotzauer Maarten van de Voort Thomas Osterhoff Ulrike Zirzow Katinka Seidt Dagmar Rosenbauer Donald Kraemer NDR 10.11.2020 - 09.12.2020 Holzminden, Hannover und Umgebung Wotan Wilke Möhring, Franziska Weisz, Arash Marandi, Jose Barros, Valerie Stoll, Christian Erdmann, Anselm Bresgott, Katarina Gaub, Alexandra von Schwerin, Lo Rivera, Marlen Ulonska, Urs Remond, Riccardo Campione u.v.m.
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