Taxi nach Leipzig (AT)


Together with a colleague, Charlotte Lindholm and Klaus Borowski witness a brutal murder during a taxi ride.
After killing their colleague, the driver and trained KSK fighter captures Lindholm and Borowski and sets off to Leipzig, where he wants to prevent his former girlfriend from marrying his boss. And Charlotte and Borowski are supposed to play a significant part in the plan.

Alexander Adolph Alexander Adolph Jutta Pohlmann Torsten Többen Martina Müller Wolfgang Arens Max Fey Maria Furtwängler, Axel Milberg, Florian Bartholomäi, Luise Heyer, Trystan W. Pütter, Günter Lambrecht, Karin Anselm u. a. Holger Heinßen Holger Heinßen Christian Ganderath, Christoph Pellander Dagmar Rosenbauer, Dr. Georg Feil 13. November - 18. December 2015 TV-Movie / 90 Min. NDR
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