Mord in der Ersten Liga


After an important cup match, professional footballer Kevin Faber is found dead on the banks of a lake. A deed in the heat of the moment or a planned cime? Charlotte Lindholm is devastated: only a couple of hours before his death, Faber gave his autograph to her son David in the stadium. Soon, the police officer follows several leads: did Faber upset football fanatics with a critical interview, was the murder revenge taken by the hooligans? What role does Faber’s team mate and closest friend Ben Nenbrook play? Was he jealous of his successful friend, who was headed for a career in the national team? And what was Faber’s private life like, did he live happily with his wife? Or are the rumours true, hinting at a homosexual double life?

Harald Göckeritz Nils Willbrandt Jens Harant Andreas Pitann Ulla Gothe Sonja Strömer Vessela Martschewski Maria Furtwängler, Benjamin Sadler, Alexander Held, Fritz Roth, Torsten Michaelis, Luk Pfaff, Jens Schäfer u.a. Sebastian Stürmer Gregori Winkowski Christian Ganderath, Daniela Mussgiller Dagmar Rosenbauer Hannover and surroundings November - December 2010 NDR
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