Tatort Niedersachsen – Der letzte Patient


    Dr. Silke Tannenberg is found dead in her office. Bitomsky insists that Charlotte Lindholm take the case, and seems oddly nervous. At the scene, Charlotte meets chief inspector Dambeck, who describes the dead woman as the good soul of the small town. The motif for the murder is totally obscure. Tim keeps crossing paths with Charlotte. The youngster seems ragged and rather simple-minded. Charlotte discovers a video journal that Tannenberg used to document her romantic involvements – with Bitomsky for instance…

    Friedemann Fromm Astrid Paprotta Klaus Eichhammer Ed Cantú Vessela Martschewski Sonja Strömer Thomas Schwetje Gregori Winkowski Dagmar Rosenbauer Daniela Mussgiller Maria Furtwängler Torsten Michaelis Kathrin Ackermann Julian Kerim & Robin Baran Birdal and others 31.10.2010
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