Tatort – Family Ties


The federal police are investigating Russian arms dealers who have built up a perfect business facade as alleged manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Julia Grosz, just promoted to chief inspector, leads the operation. When the undercover investigator dies in the field shortly before uncovering the mafia structures, the whole operation seems to have failed. But Timofeyev, an arms dealer, has a niece, Marija, who works for the LKA and distanced herself from her family years ago. To prevent the complete failure of the operation, Grosz tries to set Marija against her own family. Falke, who used to be Marija’s superior at the LKA, is not enthusiastic. The matter seems too dangerous and uncontrollable. But Marija goes along with Grosz’s suggestion and begins a double game of life and death.

Niki Stein Niki Stein Arthur Ahrweiler Thomas Freudenthal Susanne Fiedler Christoph Köpf Jacky Engelke Ulrike Zirzow Katinka Seidt Dagmar Rosenbauer Donald Kraemer NDR June 21st - August 20st 2020 Hamburg and surroundings Wotan Wilke Möhring, Franziska Weisz, Judith Rosmair, Tatiana Nekrasow, Jakub Giersal, Wladimir Tarasjanz, Jeanette Spassowa u.w.
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