Sportclub Story: From the end of a rower – competitive sport and the cliff depression


After seven years in high performance sport, a rower kills himself. The research for the backgrounds leads to a young, friendly person who seems to get along well in the world. But in the world he’s entered, only success counts. The film becomes a research for clues. It emphasizes that everyone who takes part in the German rowing elite is “extremely focused”. But athletes are often alone with shape fluctuations, physical setbacks or the expectations of the environment. And for a life beside the sport, there is just little room for family and friends and for party and education. So what do you do when you end up completely alone in your personal competitive sports universe? In the film, those who have lost their friend and teammate talk: among them two close friends, also performance rowers, and a coach. They cannot be satisfied with quick answers to the question “Why did he…?”

Uli Patzwahl Uli Patzwahl, Torsten Gerbsch, Riccardo Giese Stefan Szczuka Stefanie Gimpel Ron P. Glavas Stefan Bomhof Dagmar Rosenbauer Matthias Cammann, NDR Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein, Freiburg, Arlberg, Dortmund Spring/Summer 2018 30 Min. 03/02/2019, 11:35 p.m., NDR
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