1000 episodes of the TV program “Tatort” are 1000 Sunday evenings, 1500 hours, 62 days or two complete months: that’s the amount of time viewers have spent in front of their TVs with the crime scene investigators.
What makes this TV format so special and successful, so unique and appealing that millions of viewers sacrifice their Sunday evenings to watch the series? What’s the secret of its success? The winning formula of the format?
How did the makers of the crime series (writers, directors, actors, editors) manage to create this unique TV brand which has been reflecting German society for the past 50 years?1000 Tatorte sind

Peter Dörfler Cordt Schnibben, Petr Dörfler Peter Dörfler Peter Dörfler Roman Winkler Sven Heiigenstein Stefan Bomhof Dagmar Rosenbauer Marc Brasse, NDR Summer 2016 documentary, 60 min. sev.
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