Soko Wismar- Bittere Weihnachten- der Spielfilm


Forensic pathologist Dr. Helene Sturbeck is looking forward to pleasant Christmas holidays. She is going to spend them with her niece Maike. But then Maike suddenly disappears on her way home. Was it a hit and run accident or was she actually kidnapped? But why is nobody getting in touch with her then? Helene fears for Maikes life and the Soko Team is doing anything they can to prevent the worst from happening…

Andreas Quetsch, Frank Weller Sascha Thiel Jakob Ebert Ines Bluhm Eric Rüffler Dirk Homann Myriam Muschel Sylvia Reusch, Rosa Singhofen Sabine Weimann Thomas Dierks Big Peper Wilma Harzenetter Dagmar Rosenbauer Dirk Rademacher Berlin, Wismar 11/28. - 12/22/2016 Claudia Schmutzler, Udo Kroschwald, Mathias Junge, Dominic Boeer, Isabel Berghout, Katharina Blaschke, Birge Schade, Oliver Bröcker, Janina Fautz, Josef Heinert, a.o. ZDF 11/29/2017 8:15 pm ZDF
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