The life of Eva Senn, a successful science journalist and author of prize-winning textbooks, suddenly gets thrown completely off track: her husband leaves her, she loses her driver’s license and runs over a young woman shortly thereafter. Lea Langer, the young woman, becomes paraplegic, and Eva is to blame. Eva finds it almost impossible to get back to normal life. Guilt and helplessness become her constant companions. Worse still: the neighbours start whispering rumours about her, and she receives threats against her life by an anonymous caller. Eva feels hunted, under pressure, misunderstood – she realizes that her life is going down the drain. Eva meets attorney Peer Gutenberg, who not only helps her in court, but also tries to cheer her up, urging her to turn to the police for help. But Gutenberg remains mysterious. Does he have a double agenda? Or does Eva only imagine that in her growing mistrust against her surroundings? Eva sets out to seek Lea, for she seems to hold the answers to a lot of questions…

Nils Willbrandt Nils Willbrandt Jens Harant Lars Jordan Sonja Strömer Carsten Arnolds Marion Greiner Andreas Wölki Andrea Allroggen Bo Rosenmüller Thekla Carola Wied, Jürgen Tarrach, Carin C. Tietze, Jens Schäfer, Effi Rabsilber, Michael Hanemann u.a. Jana Brandt, MDR Thomas Schwetje Moritz Hansen Dagmar Rosenbauer Magdeburg and surroundings 30.10.2007 - 29.11.2007 MDR
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