Schuld und Unschuld


The gripping and dramatic story of career woman Johanna Fischer (Tanja Wedhorn) is told against the backdrop of a pharmaceutical scandal. Johanna Fischer starts a lucrative job in the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company and begins an affair with manager Dirk Dewinter (Florian Fitz). A new drug that is supposed to beat cancer is about to be put on the market. But when one of the probates dies of the medicament’s effects things are about to change. A struggle with the conscience begins.

Walter Kärger, Kris Karathomas Marcus O. Rosenmüller Stefan Spreer Sonja Strömer Antje Gebauer Jens Bartram, Barbara Schlensag Bo Casting Boriana Rosenmüller Tanja Wedhorn, Florian Fitz, Nina Petri, Heinz Hoenig, Matthias Habich, Hans Sigl, Sylvester Groth, Ernst Jacobi, Eva Löbau, Peter Franke, Jens Atzorn Klaus Bassiner, Silvia Lambri Thomas Schwetje Dagmar Rosenbauer, Cinecentrum Berlin Hamburg und Umgebung 3. Mai - 9. Juli 2006 ZDF Teil 1 am 30.04. + Teil 2 am 1.5.2007, ARD
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