Schliemanns Erben
Flucht aus Babylon


A series by Gisela Graichen.

Ruins, sand, shards, pieces of bones, maybe sometimes a piece of gold… Until recently most people imagined Archeology to be just some time-consuming and boring digging. But in fact it allows a fascinating view into the past and into extinct cultures. Millions of people realized that when they watched the TV-expedition “Schliemanns Erben” by Gisela Graichen, a best-selling author.
“Schliemanns Erben” is one of the most successful primetime programs of the German TV channel ZDF and a masterpiece of television culture, which seemed to be extinct as well.

The German Archaelogical Institute does research in the desert of Saudi Arabia: The Tayma Oasis holds the secrets of an eventful past. Schliemann’s Heirs are present when they are discovered.

Gisela Graichen, Klaus Kastenholz Klaus Kastenholz Steffen Böttrich Maximilian Schecker, Resa Asarschahab Jörg Kunkel Andreas Knoblauch Ulrich Lenze Daniel Manthey, ZDF Saudi Arabien, Berlin März-April 2007, Oktober 2007 ZDF 09.03.2008, ZDF
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