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In den Todeskammern der Maya


In den Todeskammern der Maya

Millions of years ago, a meteor slammed into our planet on the Yucatan peninsular, in today’s Mexico. It put an end to the reign of the dinosaur and created a vast subterranean system of caves that are partially linked to the Atlantic – a highly treacherous and largely unexplored submarine world.

About 2,000 years ago, this area was home to the highly developed Mayan culture whose stone buildings, palaces and pyramids – long lost in the primeval forest – today fascinate scientists and tourists alike. The movie, originally intended as a search for undiscovered Mayan sites, burial caves, and subterranean ritual sites, soon developed into an increasingly bizarre thriller.

Michael Tauchert und Gisela Graichen Robert Dinges, Clemente Herrera Escobedo Oliver Sachs, Kristof Schneider Jens Warnecke Eva-Maria Imlau Moritz Widmann, Ortolf Karla Jörg Kunkel Dr. Gudrun Ziegler, ZDF Ulrich Lenze, Cinecentrum ZDF, February 26, 2006
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