Schliemanns Erben
Die Goldstraße der Inka


Die Goldstraße der Inka

In around 1500 AD, the Incas ruled the biggest empire of its time – spreading from the Pacific coast to the Andes. How far it spanned into the east is still unknown. What was their relationship with the allegedly savage nations of the Amazon region? Known maps of the Inca road system end at that point. Was that where no man’s land began? Where exactly did the borders of the Inca empire run? Their 40,000-kilometer road system was unique at the time. They had neither wheels nor scripture, and their messages were conveyed by relay runners. The information was encrypted by a code of knots – unfortunately the art of deciphering them has been forgotten. Archaeologists have not yet succeeded in solving the mystery of the knots. Together with the “Schliemann’s Heirs” team, Finnish, American, and German archaeologists are searching for the Incan borders. One thing is certain: 400 kilometres east of what was thought to be the border of their empire, archaeologists have discovered proof of an Incan “Golden Road”. It seems that their empire was much larger than previously assumed.

Gisela Graichen Michael Tauchert Klaus Medrow, Jan Prillwitz, Maximilian Schecker Jens Warnecke Jean-Christoph Caron Moritz Widmann Eva-Maria Imlau Jörg Kunkel Dr. Gudrun Ziegler, ZDF Ulrich Lenze, Cinecentrum ZDF, January 11, 2006
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