Schliemanns Erben
Das Gold aus der Wüste


Das Gold aus der Wüste

In November 1922, a dream comes true for the British archaeologist Howard Carter: after spending more than a decade digging up whole mountains of debris in the Egyptian desert, he finally found the grave of Pharaoh Tut-Anch-Amon in the “Valley of the Kings”.


The content of this long-lost grave chamber caused amazement all over the world: invaluable treasures and plenty of gold. The team of “Schliemann’s Heirs” tracks down the secret of ancient Egypt’s immeasurable riches.


On their expedition they discover first traces in the Eastern Nubian Desert in today’s Sudan: remains of gold mines in the middle of the desert, fragments of miners’ settlements, mines and gold mills from ancient Egypt and late Arab times. The secret seems to be lifted… This fascinating documentary makes a period of great splendour and fabulous culture come back to life.

Gisela Graichen, Peter Prestel Maren Witte Steffen Böttrich Susanne Strobel Dr. Gudrun Ziegler ZDF, January, 2000
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