Look into my world! Cecilia & the boundless sea

in Production KiKa

Cäcilia has big plans for the summer vacations: She wants to get her catamaran license. The twelve-year-old is in a wheelchair and can’t swim, but her courage and desire for adventure allow her to overcome all obstacles. We experience how Cäcilia masters her everyday life in a wheelchair, what drives her and why she likes sports. At the Baltic Sea, we witness how Cäcilia learns to sail and steers a catamaran alone for the first time. The sailing and surfing club on the Baltic Sea is not only a place of adventure, but also of community. Here, Cäcilia meets other children, with and without disabilities, who venture out to sea with her when it’s time to cast off! The adventure begins!

Julia Nölker Boris Mahlau Thorsten Reimers Tobias Meinken tba Valentin van Riswyck Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Lars Hering Stefan Bomhof KiKa
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