Reife Leistung


Thomas Wünsche, a well-situated builder in his prime, is about to face a life crisis. At fifty-four, he is neither young nor old, but the sympathetic paranoid is driven by the question of what awaits him in the thirty or forty years to come. The fear of growing old drives him into the arms of Nina, who could be his daughter, and who, although already the father of three adult daughters, once more will give birth to his child. For that rejuvenation Thomas risks his, up to that date, happy marriage and business career for a second chance with Nina and the baby. Until he finally realizes that he, after all, is inevitably getting older.

Silke Zertz Martin Gies Thomas Fluhr Thomas Etzold Vera van Appeldorn Marion Greiner Adrienne Zeidler Jens Bartram Simone Bär Katja De Bock Dagmar Rosenbauer Walter Sittler, Ina Paule Klink, Angela Roy, Annett Renneberg, Anna Fischer, Paula Dombrowski WDR Berlin und Umgebung 31.01.2007, ARd
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