POP LEGENDEN – Amy Winehouse


Legenden – Die Reihe

Each episode portraits a wellknown personality. Prerequisite: he/she is so famous, that anybody has a certain idea, often a clichee, at hand.


POP Legenden – Amy Winehouse

The movie glimpses beyond the scenes of legend Amy Winehouse and reveals her life story – her talent, her quick rise and inexorable demise. Exclusive interviews with Amy’s parents as well as acquaintances are shown and reflected in the movie.




Andreas Kanonenberg André Böhm Mario Krauß Britta Lehnert Jörg Kunkel Dr. Sunna Altnöder Ulrich Lenze SWR Gerolf Karwath (SWR) January - March 2013 17.06.2013, ARD
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