Planet e.: Special waste imports – Germany’s most toxic business


Oil residues, acerbity, acutely poisonous filter dust, contaminated debris, mercury and lead: Almost every European country exports its reportable waste to Germany. And there even is hazardous waste from Brazil or Cote d’Ivoire. Germany imports more special waste than any other country in the world. No less than 6.5 million tons of toxic waste were transported by truck, rail or even ship or air cargo to Germany and got recycled, pyrolyzed or deposited in 2016.

Planet e investigates how this system of hazardous waste disposal works.



Jana Kischkat, Karlo Malmedie Frank Bergfeld, Matthias Müller Robert Kurz, Detlef Meier Matthias Fey Ron P. Glavas Stefan Bomhof Martin Ordolff , ZDF Dagmar Rosenbauer 04/08/2018 3.30 pm ZDF
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