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“Parlement” humorously tells the story of people who hold the fate of 500 million citizens in their hands, who hardly anyone knows and whose institution, the European Parliament in Brussels, hardly anyone sees through. This is also how Samy (Xavier Lacaille) feels when he starts working as an intern in Brussels right after the Brexit vote. Although he learned a lot about Europe at university, he is in no way prepared for his new post. He just hopes that with his ingenuity he will quickly find his place.

Unfortunately, he is given a difficult mission directly by the German MP Ingeborg (Christiane Paul): he is to draft a bill against shark finning – called “finning”. But how do you enforce it? Samy has no idea. And he has only six months to solve the problem and become a real insider of the parliament’s secrets. Almost insurmountable obstacles stand in his way. Samy is lied to and deceived, he falls for false friends and constantly has the fastidious Ingeborg breathing down his neck, who is a political professional and won’t let him off the hook for a second. So Samy begins his own campaign.

By the end of the first season of Parliament, Sammy will have changed the world. Just a little bit, to be sure, but still.

Noe Debre, Daran Johnson, Pierre Dorac, Maxime Calligaro Emilie Noblet, Jéremie Sein Marie Morel Ravit Bechor Nadine Borremann Fabienne Servan Schreiber, Thomas Saignes, Dagmar Rosenbauer, Emmo Lempert, Patrick Quinet, Yves Swennen Silke Holgersson, Götz Bolten France Television, B-TV, WDRone November/Dezember 2019 Brüssel, Straßburg Xavier Lacaille, Philippe Duquesne, Lucas Englander, William Nadylam, Jean- Benoit Ugeux, Christiane Paul 06.10.2020, 8:15 p.m., ONE
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