Nichts ist vergessen (vormals: Das Opfer)


Ten years ago, twelve-year-old Paula Wagner was raped and murdered by her tennis instructor. Many years of hard soul-searching for Paula’s parents begin. Their second daughter Lilli still doesn’t know about her older sister. As Paula’s tormentor Olav Strahmann returns to the small village in the Lower Rhine Region, not only do the painful memories for the Wagner family return but also the feeling of fear and a possible threat for Lilli.

Nils Willbrandt Nils Willbrandt Eeva Fleig Sonja Strömer Katrin Aschendorf Andreas Pitann Andrea Allroggen Vessela Martschewski Simone Bär Jörg Schüttauf, Inka Friedrich, Volker Bruch u.a. Michael André, WDR Jörg Kuhlmann Dagmar Rosenbauer Niederrhein, Raum Kleve/Emmerich 19.10.-17.11.2006 9. Mai 2007, 20.15, ARD WDR 09.05.2007, ARD
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