NaturNah: Hamburg’s green circle


Like a green ribbon, a ring of natural landscapes and green spaces surrounds the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Cyclists, hikers and nature lovers can walk the well-signposted 100-kilometre route around the entire city without losing sight of nature.

The Green Ring crosses a number of completely different natural areas: parks, woodlands, dunes and lowlands, allotments, agricultural land and nature reserves, and it touches many of Hamburg’s rivers and lakes. Sometimes it winds its way as a narrow strip between densely populated residential areas, while elsewhere the ring is almost lost in the midst of huge green spaces. On this path, the “Four Types of Nature” can be experienced particularly well: those independent of man, those for the benefit of man, those for human recreation and urban nature.

Julia Schwenn Boris Mahlau, Frank Bergfeld, Andrzej Krol Jochen C. Müller Ron Glavas Andrea Mokosch Stefan Bomhof NDR Susanne Dobke, NDR 30 Min. 06/08/2019, 6:15 p.m., NDR
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