Ein Acker für Städter: Die neue Landlust


When food scandals dominate the headlines, people more and more wish to return to the natural product. Jule Vickery recognized that trend and leased a one hectare field on the Schäferhof in Appen, which is tilled now by the people from the city.

Jule Vickery is a committed urban gardener and we follow her and her like-minded helpers. Will she be able to get a new field and simultaneously keep her tenants content although they had a few bad harvests?

Almut Faass, Verena Hartges Julian Ringer Fenja Rossbach Andrea Detmer Peter Bieringer Moritz Widmann Nicole Deblaere (NDR) Dr. Sunna Altnöder Jörg Kunkel Birgit Schanzen (NDR) Ulrich Lenze NDR 07/16/2013
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