NaturNah: Trees in the city – stressed urban parks


The city of Hamburg likes to present itself as a „green city“. Hundreds of thousands of trees are growing not just in private gardens but in public places, such as parks and especially at the side of the roads. But for how long? Since a couple of years already the Hanseatic city loses trees! Climate change, diseases and the never ending need for living space lead to this problem. The sad results of the felling of the trees in 2016 /2017 prove: Hamburg lost 2.535 trees and only 731 are going to be replanted. That means a loss of 1.800 trees in just one year!
This film is part of the series NaturNah and searches for solutions and questions why the Hanseatic city fells so many trees and replants just a few? It also examines with tree- and climate-change-experts who work for different projects, what stress factors affect the trees and shows how they help to improve the microclimate in the city.

Julia Schwenn Jochen C. Müller Ron P. Glavas Nina Steinert Birgit Schanzen, NDR 10/23/2018 6:15 p.m. NDR
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