NaturNah: Apple-rescuer Eckart Brandt (AT)

in Produktion / NDR

The “apple-rescuer” Eckart Brandt speaks plainly: “Monocultures suck! Even when they are Bio, they are not natural. We have to get rid of them”. He is widely known as a savior of several types of apples and does not accept monocultures, not even his own plantings with over 800 different historic apple types. That’s why the 68-years-old man from Lower Saxony converts his Boomgarden Park, which is located south of Stade, according to the rules of Permaculture. Together with his wife Judith he loosens up the park and plants bushes and soft fruit. They prepare the soil for colonies of wild bees and chickens are going to move in the park as well. This summer he is going to decide which type of chickens should run around his fruit trees: the English Dorking chicken, the “Bauern-Gockel” from Wursten or the beautiful Vorwerk-chicken. But whatever chicken is going to move in, Brandt expects 120 – 180 eggs per day. The poultry will get a mobile coop within the park. Brandt is sure that: “Animals and plants belong together”. To get all his work done, Eckhart Brandt has decided to move into his 4 hectare park too. Last year he applied for a building permit. Now he makes every effort to pour the foundation this summer, so that his wooden house can be build.

Eckart Brandt has invited “NaturNah” to accompany him and he will present his concept and activities to us.

Veit Bentlage Jochen C. Müller Ron Glavas Andrea Mokosch NDR Karoline Grothe, NDR 30 Min.
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