Nanking 1937 – Tagebuch eines Massakers


The story of John Rabe from Hamburg

This documentary tells the story of businessman and NSDAP member John Rabe from Hamburg, who worked for the German Siemens company in the Chinese city of Nanking in the 1930s. When Japanese soldiers raided the city in 1937, he saved the lives of countless children from a massacre that took 300,000 victims. While his actions were harshly criticised in Germany, John Rabe is still being worshipped as a hero in China today. Director Raymond Ley tells of the horrors of the massacre and of the lonely end of Rabe’s life in 1950 in Berlin.

WDR, NDR in cooperation with arte, 2007

Rewarded with the Magnolia Award in Silver at the Shanghai TV Festival, 2010

Jens Dittmar Tina Freitag Maximilian Schecker Hans P. Ströer Sven Heiligenstein Jörg Kunkel Andreas Knoblauch Ulrike Dotzer, NDR
Christian Hinz, WDR
Hanna Gundlach 2006/2007 Nanking, Berlin 06.08.2008, ARTE
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