Mord im Haus des Herrn

ZDF, Arte

A small village in Lower Saxony is shaken: a murder has happened – and suddenly the population is at the centre of media interest. Rumours and suspicions are getting louder – until finally a minister becomes a suspect. What superficially appears to be an exciting thriller develops into a judicial, psychological and ethical study on law and justice, guilt and atonement, of good and bad in mankind.

Nicola v. Hollander / Christian Görlitz Christian Görlitz Tom Erhart Klaus Dudenhöfer Bernd Gaebler Bernd Gaebler Daniel Blum, ZDF Dagmar Rosenbauer ZDF Okt./Nov. 2001 in Hamburg und Niedersachsen Rudolf Kowalski, Ulrike Kriener, Barbara Auer, Julia Jäger, u.a. 25. Oktober 2002, arte
10. März 2003, ZDF
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