Mohenjo Daro – Das Geheimnis der Induskultur


Part 1 tells the story of the almost 5000 year old Indus culture, briefly touching upon the adventure of its discovery in retrospect, and focusing on its most prominent feature: its unusual urban architecture. The movie examines the reasons for the downfall of this civilisation and accompanies an archaeological dig.

Part 2 follows the Indus from its upper reaches in mountainous northern Pakistan to its mouth southeast of the mega city of Karatchi. The journey along the river touches the most important historical eras, such as the time of the Moguls that still influences today’s culture in Pakistan. It creates opportunities for interesting encounters and draws personal portrayals reflecting the cultural and ethnic diversity of the region.

Hannes Schuler Alexander Hein Magnus Froboese Jörg Kunkel Andreas Knoblauch Dr. Thomas Schuhbauer Ulrike Becker Ulrich Lenze Pakistan 08.11.2008, 9 p.m., ARTE SWR
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