Menschen hautnah – Leben gegen die Zeit. Linnéa und ihre kranken Brüder


What happens when parents know that their sons will die before them because they are terminally ill? Like their youngest who is already deceased. And how does that knowledge affect their healthy daughter? How does the teenager deal with the burden to be the only surviving child? The story of the Petrowski family shows how it is possible to take heart from it and inspire others despite the enormous inner and outer challenges.


Alexander Ruda Kim Kruse, Tobias Plum Sami Grill, Malte Körte Stefan Jerjomenko October 2016 - May 2017 Hamburg, Freiburg (among others) Sven Heiligenstein, Ron Glavas Andrea Mokosch Dagmar Rosenbauer Andrea Ernst, Britta Windhoff ARD/WDR 04/02/2017 & 06/22/2017 ZDF 30 & 45 Min.
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