My Friend Volker (WT)

in Production NDR

Vivian Bernaise is the star of the Hamburg drag scene. When she witnesses a mafia attack in a club, she has to flee: Disguised as a man named Volker, she hides in the family of primary school teacher Katja in a small town in Schleswig-Holstein. Especially 10-year-old Lukas is happy about Katja’s new lodger. Lukas is bullied at school and lacks a role model, which he soon finds in Volker.

Together with Volker, Katja takes over the leadership of the musical group at her school, also to impress her ex-husband and colleague David and his new girlfriend Nora. But Katja realises that she will never get David back. To distract her from her problems, Volker whisks her away for a night to the Hamburg club “Donauwelle”.

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Julia Penner, Andreas Wrosch Piotr Lewandowski Patrick D. Kaethner Guido Frinken Dan Olteanu Maarten van de Voort Oliver Hildebrandt, Sylvia Schwarzer Patricia Walczak Lenny Mockridge Deborah Congia Ulrike Zirzow Theo Leipert Katinka Seidt Doris Büning Sabine Holtgreve NDR 29.06. – 28.07.2021 Hamburg and surroundings Axel Milberg, Kim Riedle, Helgi Schmid, Bruno Thiel, Thelma Buabeng, Carsten Strauch, Anja Antonowicz, Frida Stittrich, Anton Faber, Nikolay Siderenko, Kelly Helton, Vladislav Grakovskiy, Jakob Matschenz, Tante Gladice, Electra Pain, Funny Fantastic, Rachel Intervention, u.v.a.
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