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Shaolin – das Geheimnis des Kung Fu


In 620, the designated Emperor of China, Li Shimin, sends a cry for help to the province of Henan. A renegade warlord threatens him and his troops are already surrounded. Thirteen monks from the Shaolin city rush to the aid of Li Shimin. They are barefoot and unarmed – still they cause tens of thousands of soldiers to flee. Their victory is the birth hour for the myth of Kung Fu and the Chinese martial arts.

Together with Chinese martial arts trainer Wu Meiling, we go on a search across China. In enchanted monasteries, remote villages and mountain sanctuaries we discover the essence of an art which includes not only combat but also a unique knowledge of medicine, spirituality and human nature.

Even today, the monks of the Shaolin Monastery at the foot of the sacred Mount Song Shan keep the secret of their unique skills – an uncanny power that every Emperor of China wants to take advantage of.

The secret of Kung Fu is embedded in the fascinating world of Chinese martial arts – a world in which mind conquers matter and physical effects are out of force.
For centuries, Kung Fu masters passed on their secrets to just a few chosen disciples. Many of the old masters survived war and persecution by Mao’s Red Guards and are now as old as ninety. Time is running out to preserve their knowledge.

Lorenz Knauer und Thomas Schuhbauer Matthias Haedecke, Marko Karl Mathias Windrath Wolfgang Grimmeisen Gert Heidenreich Sonja Maxeiner Jörg Kunkel, Donald Jenichen Andreas Knoblauch Uta von Borries, ZDF Ulrich Lenze ZDF, 2003 45 minutes 08/10/2003, ZDF
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