Magische Welten
Amazonas – auf der Spur des roten Goldes


In the rainforest of the Amazon River lies a treasure which pharmacologists and geneticists hope to be more valuable than the gold and silver the Spanish and Portuguese once robbed.

Blood, this “special juice” is desired, especially if it comes from primitive tribes. From the gene information of the Amazon Indians, researchers hope to find and develop medication against cancer, HIV and other diseases. A “blood-letting” that often has tragic consequences for the Indian tribes.

On behalf of pharmaceutical companies, researchers are trying to get in contact with shamans and medicine men to acquire knowledge about the effects of plants and insecticides.

“But that’s not all, they often take the raw materials out of the country illegally,” complains a protector of the Indian territories.

The team accompanies Sydney Possuelo, a dedicated fighter for the rights of native peoples, on his dangerous mission to the last havens of the endangered rainforest.
In the vast wilderness, where there are peoples who have hardly ever seen a white face before, the search for bio pirates is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Sydney has taken up the fight: with a small team of the Indian protection agency FUNAI he watches the borders of the reservation and is the only white man in close contact with the Indian peoples. The film team embarks on the adventure and gets rare impressions, for example of the so-called Zoë, a small group whose knowledge of the healing power of nature is still alive in its rituals.

No one knows the Amazon region as well as Sydney Possuelo, the patron saint of the Indians. That is why a rare and exclusive trip into the magical world of the Amazon region is possible.


Susanne Aernecke Florian Pfeifferl Luiz Walter de Souza Susanne Strobel Andreas Linse, Robert Papst Gert Heidenreich Sonja Maxeiner Jörg Kunkel, Donald Jenichen Andreas Knoblauch Uta von Borries, ZDF Ulrich Lenze ZDF, 2003 45 minutes 08/17/2003, ZDF
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