Lucy und der Tod – unterwegs in der mörderischsten Stadt der Welt


Ciudad Juárez is located on the Rio Grande, amidst the desert of the State of Chihuahua in Mexico. It is the most dangerous city in the world. Last year, the murder count went up to 2632. And it is still rising: Today, almost 10 people die every day in the drug cartels’ violence. Police reporter Luz del Carmen Sosa lives in this city. She is 40 years of age, has 2 children, and has been doing her job for 12 years now. She writes about policemen, soldiers, dealers, and pistoleros, dying in the bullet rain of rivaling mafia groups, but also about her own colleagues: killed editors, tortured photographers, or abducted reporters. This documentary accompanies Luz del Carmen Sosa during her everyday work, showing how dangerous it is for a journalist in the Ciudad Juárez.

Matthias Franck Stefan Hoffmann Moritz Widmann Matthias Franck Ulrich Lenze Claudia Ruete Mexico 24.03.2011, ZDF ZDF
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