Lotti auf der Flucht


Lotti Portuné, widow of a former embassy counsellor, is on her way to find her first true love Ernst Liedke, who is a skipper on the Elbe. Charlotte, Lotti’s daughter is trying to convince her mother to return to Vienna quickly as she is about to get married. But Lotti wants to stay with Ernst. But then Charlotte falls in love with Ernst’s young colleague Paul.

Katharina Hajos und Constanze Fischer Peter Weissflog Rainer Gutjahr Rupert Medele Christiane Fazlagic Barbara Ehret Gudrun Roscher Moritz Hansen Andreas Knoblauch Jana Brandt (MDR), Alexander Vedernjak (ORF), Katharina Schenk (ORF) Dagmar Rosenbauer Heidelinde Weis, Charles Brauer, Daniel Morgenroth, Elisabeth Lanz, Wolfgang Winkler, Walfriede Schmitt u.a. MDR / ORF 23.09. – 24.10.2003 in Dresden, Wien, Torgau und Meißen May 18, 2005
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